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We have only been to one tango class-however we felt the atmosphere was very welcoming, professional-yet easy going. The breakdown of the steps was very helpful and we were encouraged to dance and figure things out and not just watch the teachers.
I have been truly impressed by the well rounded approach that the instructor Natalia used during the first dance lesson with the 3 year old group. My daughter looked like she truly enjoyed the lesson. She happily participated and eagerly repeated the various dance moves. I loved the variety of dancing music and techniques that instructor used during the first dance class. It was fun and very much enjoyable experience for both of us. We hope the LaVida Dance Studio will help our daughter to grow into a confident dancer.

News & Events

Top Hats & Tails Boys Class (ages 4-6)boysdanceclass
Inspired by famous leading men Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly, Top Hats and Tails is an age specific 45 minute all-boys dance class containing jazz, hip-hop and creative movement.
Geared toward a young boy’s active and physical nature, the purpose of the class is to introduce young male dancers to the three styles of dance and inspire movement and creativity through jumps & turns.
 - Tuesdays 6:00pm - ages 4-6

Twinkle Star Dance Classes (ages 3-6)
LaVida Studio is the only studio in the area to offer the award-winning Twinkle Star Dance Curriculum for preschoolers. Students are introduced to ballet, jazz and ballroom dance.
- Tuesdays 5:00pm - ages 4-5
- Saturdays 9:45am - ages 3-4
- Saturdays 11:30am - ages 5-6


Enrolling Now: Summer Season June 5 – August 29
Pre-Ballroom (ages 6-8): Wedn 5:30pm
Hip-Hop (ages 6-8):  Mon 4:30pm, Wedn 4:30pm
Ballroom/Latin (ages 8-12):  Tue 4:30pm, Thur 4:30pm
Modern Jazz (ages 8-12):  Mon 4:30pm
Pop Culture (ages 8-16):  Thur 5:30pm
Hip-Hop (ages 8-16): Mon 5:30pm, Wedn 5:30pm

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