Performance Team


Our Ladies Performance Team is dedicated to building strong, confident, and high-level female dancers that may have not started from a young age. Classes mix a variety of stretching and cardio exercises with dance styles such as International Latin, Jazz, and Hip-Hop. After technical strength is built, choreography and show-dance routines are created for the group to later perform around local stages. Dedication to be a part of this group is required, and progress is guaranteed. This team is proof that one can begin to dance from ANY age if they put in the hard work.

The LaVida Ladies Performance Team

Passion for dance and commitment to rehearsals are expected.
Performances will take place at various events, including the annually staged show, recitals, and other events.
The class package is two 1.5 hour classes every week (on Tuesdays and Thursdays 7-8:30PM).
Tuition: $160 per month
Audition required if joining after October 1st. Watch last season’s performance below.

Adult Jazz Funk Group Class

This class is for ladies and gentlemen of all ages. Training prepares students for an on-stage presence and provides a variety of stretching and cardio exercises. With dance styles such as International Latin, Jazz, and Hip-Hop it all wraps into a style that is both fun and expressive!
The class is 1.5 hours every week - Thursdays 8:00-9:30 PM.
Tuition: $95 per month or $25 drop-in
No auditions required. Join any time!

The LaVida Ladies Performance