Ballroom & Latin


Ages 6 and up

Ballroom & Latin as a Performing Art is for children, teens, and young adults that love the invigorating feeling of being on stage.

Usually, Ballroom dance is considered to be either a social dance, or a competitive sport. We at LaVida, believe to have found the happy medium! By turning Ballroom dance into a non-competitive performance art, our young students are able to receive the same high-quality instruction and performance opportunities as a competition dancer would, but without entering the world of DanceSport! Our studio is known in the Northwest for it’s wonderful professional instructors, who are excited to offer their knowledge in this new context: Ballroom & Latin dance, expressed through theatrical productions.

Pre-Ballroom/Latin & Modern (ages 6-8)

This 1 hour-long class is developed specifically for kids ages 6-8. It is focused on basic dance skill development, targeting fundamentals such as: coordination, rhythm sense, plasticity, and body flexibility.
In these classes, kids discover the basics of Modern dance, and will begin performing Ballroom and Latin dances like the Waltz, Cha-cha-cha, and Blues. The class includes stretch time...and lots of fun!
No dance partner or experience is required.

Ballroom & Latin (ages 8-12)

The purpose of this 1.5 hour class is to establish knowledge of partner dances (cha-cha, samba, jive, etc.), create confidence and abilities to dance solo - or with a partner, for fun - or for performance...the skills of a lifetime! The structure of this class includes a warm-up to fun music, and ends with extended stretching time. No pressure to compete and no dance partner is required to join the class. Every student will have an opportunity to show off what they have learned at our annual dance show on stage. For best results, it is recommended to attend this class twice per week (Tue 4:30pm and Thur 4:30pm).
Competitive Program
Our growing Competitive Ballroom Program is for kids that would like to take their dancing further than purely the social and theatre world. We are currently developing a new group class for couples wanting to perform at competitions and get a taste of the world of DanceSport.
Contact us if you are interested in this program.

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