Kids & Youth

We are excited to offer Live-stream classes for all Youth students with feedback from teachers!

We know how important social interaction and familiar faces are to children, as well as keeping up their progress in their dance training. We are hosting an array of live classes via Zoom.

Sign-up for a No-obligation Trial Class for your child(ren) by submitting the interest form below and registration fee is on us! 

We will email you a link with a password right before you class time. Enjoy learning from our energetic and supportive instructors!

BONUS 1: receive link to class recording right after the class!

BONUS 2: parents receive access to Live-Stream Adult Classes for FREE!


*Siblings receive 10% discount off monthly tuition.

AGES 2-4         45 min class       once/week = $75/mon  |  twice/week = $127/mon

Mom/Dad & Me ages 2-4  in Russian   SAT 10:15 am  with Nadiia

Twinkle Star Dance ages 3-4 in Russian TUE 6:15 am  with Elena

Twinkle Star Dance ages 3-4  SAT 10:30 am   with Treena

Twinkle Star Dance ages 4-5 in Russian  TUE 5:30 pm  with Elena

Twinkle Start Dance ages 4-5  WED 4:45 pm  with Elena

Twinkle Star Dance ages 4-5  SAT 11:45 am  with Treena

Top Hats & Tails BOYs ages 4-6  WED 6:30 pm  with Alexandra

Pre-Acro Beginner Intensive  ages 4-6 in Russian  SAT 11:00 am  with Nadiia


AGES 5-7           45 min class        once/week = $75/mon    |    1 hr class    once/week = $78/mon

Broadway Jazz ages 5-7  MON 6:30 pm  with Elena

Pre-Acro Beginner Intensive ages 5-7  TUE 4:30pm  with Nadiia

Twinkle Start Dance ages 5-6  WED 5:30 pm  with Elena

Pre-Ballet ages 5-6 in Russian  THU 5:45 pm with Natalia

Twinkle Star Dance ages 5-6  SAT 9:15 am  with Treena

Pre-Acro Beginner Intensive  ages 4-6 in Russian  SAT 11:00 am  with Nadiia


AGES 7-10         1 hr classes        once/week = $78/mon   |    twice/week = $150/mon

Ballet 1 ages 7-8  THU 6:30 pm  with Natalia

Broadway Jazz ages 7-9  MON 5:30 pm  with Elena

AcroDance Beginner Intensive ages 7-9  TUE 5:30pm  with Nadiia

Hip-Hop ages 6-8  MON & WED 4:30 pm  with Alexandra

Breakdance ages 8 and up  WED 7:30pm  with Ilya

AcroDance Beginner Internsive ages 7-9  SAT 2:00 pm  with Nadiia

Hip-Hop & PopCulture ages 7-10  SAT 1:00pm  with Treena


AGES 10-16        1 hr classes          once/week = $78/mon   |   twice/week = $150/mon

Breakdance ages 8 and up  WED 7:30pm  with Ilya

Hip-Hop ages 9-12  MON & WED 5:30 pm  with Alexandra

Hip-Hop ages 13-16 MON & WED 6:30 pm  with Lena

AcroDance/ Stretch/Strength Intensive age 10-16  SAT 3:00-4:30 pm  with Nadiia   (w/ experience only)

Teams/ Stretch/Strength Intensive ages 10-14 TUE & THU  5:00-6:00pm  with Lena  (w/ experience only)

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"Thank you guys for doing all this for us . My daughter cried the first day of online class saying she wants to go to class but now she loves this and looks forward to this. Thanks for continuing and the level of service you guys are providing during this hard time. The class gives us an hour of break which is precious and she’s active, so it works out great. Thank you!"

- Mithun, parent of a 4 year old student