Private Lessons

Young ballroom dancers
Private lessons with the knowledgeable, patient and professional instructors at LaVida are the most effective way to improve your child’s dancing. Whether you want personal inspiration from a pro, or closer correction to the detail of the movement - our instructors have a rich history of memorable performances, competition titles, TV appearances, and top-level knowledge that make them extremely qualified to provide either. They are excited to share their experience and expertise with your child during private lessons.

Privates lessons is also a part of our Youth Ballroom and Latin Competitive Program. Each lesson is 45 min, and can be taken by an individual dancer or by a dance couple.
You child will receive personal attention to his/her individual needs; consequently, making more rapid progress. Lessons will advance at their own pace and comfort level. The more time you can invest in your child’s dancing, the better dancer he/she will become!

1 lesson - $70
10 lessons - $650

Contact us to sign up for private lessons.